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How to avoid having mosquitoes in your house

Mosquitoes can inhabit a multitude of spaces and environments as long as there is water. Mosquitoes need water to reproduce. Without water, there are no mosquitoes, so one of the most effective preventive measures is to avoid having standing water on our property. To reduce the number of tiger mosquitoes in the neighborhood, we can clean our outdoor spaces, which include patios, terraces, balconies, gardens, and even small orchards. The tiger mosquito takes advantage of small volumes of water to develop, so we need to pay attention to small details.

Eliminate Them from Patios, Terraces, and Balconies!

On patios, terraces, and balconies, pay attention to one of the most common elements: flower pots, especially the tray that collects excess water when we water them. The small amount of water that can stagnate in them is enough for the tiger mosquito to reproduce. To avoid this:

  1. Check the pots every two or three days and remove the stagnant water. You can also add sand to the tray to absorb the excess water.
  2. Do not leave water for days in the mop bucket, nor in ashtrays that can fill with rainwater. Empty any object that can hold water frequently.
  3. Monitor the drinking and feeding stations for birds and pets, such as cats and dogs. If not emptied frequently, they can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Prevent this by emptying and changing the water every two or three days. Your pets will also appreciate having fresh water!
  4. Seal containers designed to store water, such as cisterns and rain barrels, tightly to prevent mosquitoes from entering to lay their eggs. If they do not have a lid, you can cover them with mosquito netting.
  5. For objects that can accumulate water and cannot be covered, consider emptying them once a week, or turning them over so they do not retain water.
  6. Gutters and drains on terraces and balconies that collect rainwater can also accumulate water and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It is important to keep them clean so that water does not stagnate inside.
  7. Repair broken or leaking pipes to prevent waterlogged areas on your property.
  8. If you have trees in your garden, check if they have large holes in the trunk; these can collect rainwater. To prevent mosquitoes from using them, fill them with sand.
  9. In the garden or orchard, watch out for plastic tarps that can create pockets and collect rainwater. Empty them when you see them, or the tiger mosquito will take advantage of these small bodies of water to reproduce.
  10. Prevent your pool from breeding mosquitoes: (1) treat the water all year round with chlorine and circulate it with a filter; (2) do not empty the pool and leave it uncovered, as small puddles will form that mosquitoes will use; (3) remove puddles that form on pool covers; (4) remove inflatable objects and toys from the pool that can accumulate water from the pool or rain.
  11. Even if you take measures outside to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house from your patio or your neighbors’, close doors and windows and use air conditioning when possible. If you are lucky enough to have it, you will be cooler and it will make it harder for mosquitoes to fly in the house.
  12. Install mosquito nets on the windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.


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