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Climate and Health Cluster

The Climate-Health Cluster is a Horizon Europe cooperation between 6 European research and innovation projects. We collaborate to increase the societal and policy impact of EU-funded research linked to climate, health and policy.

The Climate-Health Cluster will connect to significant initiatives in climate change and health to provide scientific evidence and policy-related advice to contribute to a more resilient Europe, and beyond. The Cluster will collaborate with researchers and academia, climate and environment professionals, policymakers, policy experts, funding agencies, NGOs, healthcare providers, patient organisations, the healthcare industry, civil society and citizens. 

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Promote and disseminate climate change and health research from a OneHealth perspective.

Raise awareness of the health impacts of climate change, and the costs and benefits of mitigation and adaptation interventions.

Maximise the communication and dissemination of results through our networks.

Contribute to evidence-based decision-making and stronger EU and global policies.

Build capacity around climate change and health research.

About the cluster projects

The six Horizon Europe projects, BlueAdapt, CATALYSE, CLIMOS, HIGH Horizons, IDAlert, and TRIGGER, form the climate change and health cluster.

These projects are funded by EU’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation initiative under Grant Agreement numbers 101057764 BlueAdapt, 101057131 CATALYSE, 101057690 CLIMOS, 101057843 HIGH Horizons, 101057554 IDAlert, 101057739 TRIGGER.

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