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Climate-Health Cluster session at ENBEL Conference

IDAlert project at the Climate-Health Cluster session at ENBEL Conference: Health impacts of climate change, a way forward  

The European Climate-Health Cluster will be showcased at the ENBEL Conference on 12 October 2023, in Stockholm, Sweden. IDAlert is one of 6 Horizon Europe projects (CLIMOS, BLUEAdapt, Trigger, High Horizons, CATALYSE) comprising the Cluster.

The persistent challenge of global environmental change has given rise to new complexities for both human health and One Health. It not only exacerbates social inequalities, food and water security, but also escalates the transmission of infectious and zoonotic diseases. These increasing challenges ask for immediate action at both the European and global levels to mitigate the consequences of these threats. These global priorities underscore the urgency of enhancing the readiness of health systems to address the growing burden of climate change. 

This session, focused on exploring the health effects of climate change, will provide insights into the ongoing research conducted within the 6 projects comprising Cluster. It will highlight their contributions in providing the necessary evidence, tools, and frameworks to address the threat that climate change poses to human health, global health, and One Health.

We invite participants to join us and engage in discussions about existing approaches and future opportunities, paving the way to address the climate-health agenda.

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Session details 

Climate Change and Health Cluster Session at ENBEL 2023 Conference 

Date: 12 October 2023 

Time: 15:30-16:30 

Venue: Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm, Sweden   



Raman Preet, Past-Lead Coordinator Climate-Health Cluster, Project Co-coordinator IDAlert   


Marc Neumann, Scientific Coordinator Blue Adapt 

Cathryn Tonne, Scientific Coordinator CATALYSE 

Suzana Blesic, Technical Co-coordinator CLIMOS

Stanley Luchters, Scientific Coordinator HIGH Horizons 

Debra Jackson, Scientific Co-coordinator HIGH Horizons 

Jan Semenza, Work Package Leader IDAlert 

Silvana Sabatino, Scientific Coordinator TRIGGER   


About ENBEL Conference 

The hybrid conference is organised by ENBEL - Enhancing Belmont Research Action to support EU policy making on climate change and health. ENBEL coordinates a network of international health and climate researchers under the Belmont Forum’s Collaborative Research Action on Climate, Environment and Health and similar EU research programmes. Through this conference, ENBEL aims at help strengthening the health argument for climate action.   

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