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IDAlert showcased at mosquito management conference in Greece

Last week, our IDAlert partner, the Benaki Phytopathological Institute (BPI), organised a high-level conference on mosquito management, titled Mosquitoes: New Perspectives and Challenges in their Management.

BPI is the lead partner in charge of the IDAlert case study in Greece, in which the use of novel data streams, including citizen science through the Mosquito Alert app, smart traps, and a molecular lab suitcase will be used and tested to identify the circulation of mosquito-borne viruses in Greece.

The event gathered around 300 representatives from regional governments, research institutions, and international agencies. Participants included distinguished figures including the Vice-Regional Governors of the Northern Sector of Athens, Mr. Loukia Kefalogianni, of Eastern Attica in Greece, Ms. Vicky Cavallari and of Western Attica, Mr. Kleanthis Varelas.

At the heart of the conference lied a concerted effort to address pressing issues surrounding mosquito management in Greece. It aimed to showcase the research outcomes of ongoing initiatives and to underline their significance in the integrated management of mosquito-transmitted diseases, such as West Nile Virus, Malaria, or Dengue. Renowned speakers from ministries, agencies, and research bodies shared their insights, shedding light on diverse facets of mosquito control.

Dr. Antonios Michaelakis, involved in IDAlert, presented the challenges and emerging data in dealing with mosquitoes, drawing on his expertise as the Head Laboratory of Insects & Parasites of Medical Importance at BPI.

This conference stands as a commitment to collectively address the emerging mosquito threat in the country. By fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and embracing innovative approaches, stakeholders reaffirm their dedication to safeguarding public health against mosquito-borne diseases in the Attica Region and beyond.

Dr. Antonios Michaelakis

A video produced by IDAlert was also shown to the audience, highlighting the best practices in mosquito surveillance and control carried out in Attica Region, as part of our project.

Official press release in Greek here
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